Race to the Stones

I did it. I finished the race to the stones. On what was one of the hottest days we have had this year, I somehow ran and walked the 100 km To the finish line in 13 hours 23 minutes. It was of course my first ever a Ultra and whilst I have put inContinue reading “Race to the Stones”

7 Reasons I love to run

With 7 days to go until my first ultra marathon I challenged myself to think of 7 reasons why I love to run… so here is what I have come up with… 1. It makes me feel alert every morning. I run first thing every day and even on the days I wake feeling jaded,Continue reading “7 Reasons I love to run”

A week for Personal Bests!

The training I have been doing over the last 6 months in preparation for my first ultra marathon of 100k has been a real journey. The 100km race I will be doing in 2 weeks time has over 4000 ft of elevation and is all trail and I have been running on the course asContinue reading “A week for Personal Bests!”

Trail marathon training run

It’s 3 weeks until my 100k ultra. 21 days… I’ve been working towards this for 5 months now and it’s been an incredible journey. I remember fondly my first run up on the Ridgeway, where my race will take place, and back then it was so alien to me. I had barely run on trailsContinue reading “Trail marathon training run”

Running in the wild

This morning’s run was lead by Brian who had the idea to run some local fields, which are absolutely beautiful. Geri and I were more than up for it and we set off together in the morning sun which was already shining at 5.45am. What a wonderful way to start the week. When we reachesContinue reading “Running in the wild”

When you get knocked down…

You have to get back up again… I started feeling unwell around 10 days ago. I try to ignore the signs, reluctant to give in, but unfortunately by last Sunday I was pretty unwell. Frustratingly I was taking part in a race which I had to pull out of, but it was the right thingContinue reading “When you get knocked down…”

Half Way There

The reality of running 31 miles of trail is that the prep starts days before. Physically, mentally and logistically. Physically I eased off the mileage for a few days, which I actually find quite challenging. I love to run and I find the short 3 mile runs harder than the really long ones. It seemsContinue reading “Half Way There”

Double Run Day

I run in the mornings. Always. Every day. The last time in ran in the afternoon was in the winter of 2020 when it had snowed and the pavements were sheets of ice. I’d happily run in the fresh snow which was lovely, but the day after I waited until the afternoon hoping the sunContinue reading “Double Run Day”

Pre-Work Half Marathon

I have been running a half marathon every week for quite a while now and most of the time they end up being at the weekend. Sometimes though, because of weekend commitments I need to get it done during the week. I work full time so the only way I can achieve this is toContinue reading “Pre-Work Half Marathon”

My First Ultra Running distance

On 1st May I completed my first run that was an Ultra Marathon. An Ultra is any distance over a marathon and whilst it was only 29 miles, it still counts! It was all part of my training plan to prepare for an official Ultra of 100km/62m in less than 10 weeks time. So muchContinue reading “My First Ultra Running distance”