7 Reasons I love to run

With 7 days to go until my first ultra marathon I challenged myself to think of 7 reasons why I love to run… so here is what I have come up with…

1. It makes me feel alert every morning. I run first thing every day and even on the days I wake feeling jaded, tired and lethargic, once I get back from my run I always feel more awake and alert.

2. It’s good for my physical health. Exercise is of course good for us. Not just our external appearance but the bits you can’t see too. Our heart is a muscle and needs to be worked, just like the other muscles in our body.

3. Running every day enables me to face anything that comes my way. It takes some determination and stubbornness to get up every single day and run. No matter what the weather or how I’m feeling. Doing it literally makes me feel like I can face anything. Whatever challenges come my way I will be able to deal with them.

4. I have met new and old friends. There is a real sense of community within the running world. A runner knows what it’s like to get the running bug and how amazing it makes you feel. Over the years I have made new friends, run with old friends and I love spending time with them during my runs. It’s a little bit of social interaction with lots of different people.

5. Being in nature. I see so much wildlife during my runs and it’s a reminder that we are in fact part of nature, even though we no longer live that way. The sounds of the birds early in the mornings, foxes and their cubs, rabbits and hares and this week I even saw a deer with 2 fawns; in the middle of a housing estate. In the last 6 months I have ran so much more off road and now find myself seeking it out. Then there are the sunrises, the changes over the different seasons which are so wonderful. Being in nature has been proven to be good for our mental being and I get a little bit every single day. It makes me feel alive.

6. Mentally challenging. I love the mental challenge running brings, when it starts to get tough and I have to push through and fight against the voice in my head telling me to stop. Life is a challenge. Our minds are always planting a seed of doubt. Finding a way to carry on even when the mind is telling you to stop only means that when life gets challenging, you can overcome the self doubt and low confidence that gnaws away at you.

7. I get to wear bright headbands and socks. I probably wouldn’t get away with the colours I wear in my every day life but when I run, I love to be as bright and bold as I can. Why not?

One for luck… I hope that it inspires people to realise they can do it too. I’ve never considered myself a runner and in an odd way still don’t. If I can do it, you can too… x


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