Trail marathon training run

It’s 3 weeks until my 100k ultra. 21 days… I’ve been working towards this for 5 months now and it’s been an incredible journey.

I remember fondly my first run up on the Ridgeway, where my race will take place, and back then it was so alien to me. I had barely run on trails let alone encountered the elevation on the course.

I’ve learned so much with the help of so many amazing people. I’ve run half the course now, some of the tricky sections several times. I’ve managed 2 50k runs on the course plus a couple slightly under.

Today was marathon distance and it was a relief it wasn’t as hot as yesterday which was one of the hottest days this year. It is brutal terrain in places; you have to concentrate on every step you take. It’s so easy to misplace a foot or trip on a stone. It’s as mentally exhausting as it is physically tiring.

I’ve practiced nutrition and hydration and think I am comfortable with what I will do on the day. I’ve discovered Tailwind, which is brilliant, eat sweet potato and gels, and drink plenty of fluids- a big adjustment for me as I never even used to carry water.

I carried my full kit today, an extensive list of items that must be carried on the day:

1. First aid kit

2. Sun cream

3. Headtorch plus spare batteries for head torch

4. Reusable cup

5. Blister plasters

6. Vaseline/grease

7. Waterproof jacket

8. Water

9. Food

10. Phone and payment method

It has been an adjustment getting used to carrying the extra weight, trying out vests and belts and where to put things inside them. But now I think I am as prepared as I can be for the day.

After 21 miles the rain started which was harsh and cold, even in June. One thing I have no control over on the day is what the weather will do. It could be hot and sunny, windy or rainy or overcast and mild. I know which one I will prefer but will deal with whatever comes my way.

Now it will be about bringing the miles down, looking after myself and getting ready for the big day… BRING IT ON!!!!


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